MT Doors – UK Supplier and Installer of Aluminium Bi- fold Doors

Leading Aluminium Bi- fold Doors Fabricator and Supplier

MT Glass Doors has been installing and supplying aluminium bifold doors for years. These retractable home improvement options have slimline frames and have been installed in homes and commercial establishments across the UK. Made to measure, each is installed within 4-6 weeks, faster than any other competitor.

There is no extra work on the part of the customer. We conduct a site survey, and then manufacture each door to the exact specifications. Installation and subsequent support is handled by a team of trained experts. The knowledge and control we have enables us to offer unbeatable prices on innovative and advanced aluminium bifold door systems.


Benefits and Features of bi- fold doors:

In addition to a nearly full view of the outside, our systems provide options including more than 40 ways to fold the panels. There are also enough glass options for a completely unique installation. Our doors are great for internal and external fittings. An access door makes entry or exit easy, to a garden for example. Internal uses include room dividers.

Our glass doors also retain heat. They open completely to accommodate guests, but are durable enough to be used as patio doors. One of the biggest aspects, however, is energy efficiency. A high U value means you can save thousands on heating bills every year.

MT Glass Doors’ products are versatile enough they can be installed as single panels, as double opening French doors, or 10-panel systems that can be up to eight metres wide.

Your glass options are varied as well. We offer the standard K-toughened Pilkington double glazed glass. Frosted, four seasons, and solar glass are available too. We’ll even integrate blinds right into the assembly to meet your needs. With all the options, homeowners can add to their property’s character.

Convenience, another aspect of our product line, is enhanced by flush floor levels, elegance, and wide open views of the garden or scenery. Thermal efficiency and annual savings cannot be beat. To learn more about these aluminium bifold doors and available options, and to get an instant quotation, contact us today.