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MT Glass Doors Leads the Way in the UK

Frameless glass doors are unique to the industry. They add value to homes and enable homeowners to benefit from high thermal efficiency. This aspect helps save on heating bills. Perhaps the most notable quality is the fact our frameless glass doors can be used in any application, whether it’s on the exterior or inside the house.

Our product line is suited for room separation or as versatile patio doors. Each will match exact size requirements and feature one of over 300 colours offered by our design team. In fact, the doors are just as suitable for commercial facilities. Sliding doors look great, compared to traditional options, and open easily. There are no bulky frames to get in the way and clients find the operating systems easy to work with.


The Thinnest Glass Doors on the Market

The coverage of the product frame is virtually nil. Homeowners can therefore enjoy wide views of the patio, garden, or scenic vista. The absence of moving parts adds reliability, while custom-fabrication matches any specific measurement or requirement prior to professional installation. Our doors can be use for patios, as room dividers, office walls, or shop fronts.

Options include single glazed frameless glass doors. They’re great for separating rooms. Clients have also found these are good at keeping heat in and blocking noise from another room. While still providing visibility to the next room, the products are fully retractable, opening nearly 100%. Friends and family gatherings can be more comfortable and enjoyable. Frosted glass and even blinds can be ordered as part of the final assembly.

If double glazing is the desired choice, we can supply a durable end product that will tolerate the worst of outdoor conditions, while surpassing national regulations. A weather protection system ensures durability in a wide temperature range, exposure to water, and in a number of environments. In addition, thermal conductivity and efficiency is superior to any metal alternative.

Operating our folding sliding doors is simple. Just move the panels along the top and bottom rails. The slide-fold design has been engineered for ease of use. Contact us today for more and an instant quotation.